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Among the many ongoing improvements at Shawnee Mission you will now find that a new location for hole 6 will soon been placed.

Old Hole 4 has been completely removed to alleviate walking across the road 2 times to play one hole. This also tightens up the walk between holes, all around improvement, everybody wins.

The new hole 4 is the previous hole 5. In other words after hole 3 proceed directly north across the road bypassing old 4.

The new hole 6 Tee is located just to the north side of the path after hole 5 basket, and is shooting towards the basket by the administration building.  You will notice a path not far behind hole 6, this path is O.B. 

The hole 7 tee is now located just north of 6 pin towards the parking lot.

Everything else stays the same. We are going to be putting in tee box markers and working up signs here in the next few weeks.

I will update the map online shortly.

Dirk, could this be done before next Monday?  Bushwhackers will be playing there, so you'll get some test subjects on the new holes.

The baskets have been moved to their new homes and I believe they will settle here for quite some time.

I will be placing tee markers in the next week or two.

My biggest concern is the fact that we are not getting adequate support for mowing, but I will address that in a separate thread. This thread should  be about what the club has control of and what we can do to improve the course.

Distance on the two changed holes?  They look in the 330 range based on the other distances.

The Can tankerous A.N.G:
I played that yesterday, and, thankfully, the person I was with had read this post and knew about the 2 hole changes. It sure was windy out there. It also looks so much different in the spring than last fall and winter when the trees weren't covered in leaves and there wasn't tall grass everywhere.


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