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--- Quote from: Dirk on June 30, 2008, 05:22:54 PM ---After meeting with the park officials it was decided that the approved location for hole 10 could be moved further up the hill and to the west into previously unmowed area. Initially we did not want to add more mowing for the parks but it looks as if they are willing to accommodate this in order to avoid interference with Kite Flyers and Rocket Enthusiasts.
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I think you mean hole 9.

--- Quote ---However this weekend the Rocket Enthusiasts just moved up the hill further and set up in the extended mowing area for the fairway, so We'll have to work with the parks in order to get the message out that their is room for all groups to coexist as long as we are aware of each other's needs.
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They ALWAYS set up as far up the hill as they can so the rockets are less likely to land in the street or powerlines - they have to contend with wind too.  Plus the flatter part at the top is ideal for lawn chairs, work tables, sun awning, kids etc.  And obviously the spring time kite fliers will go as far up the hill as possible in order to grab the wind.

The new tee for 9 is so much closer to their launch area it puts them directly in the line of fire no matter where they set up (even without them moving up the hill).  When I first read the proposed change I pictured the tee moving down towards the road - AWAY from the rocketeer area - and this made sense because it puts kiters and rocketeers on much more on a tangent from the tee.  The major danger to them would be from a long, wild side arm throw, but with care you could get past them.  The side advantage to this is that it would allow some sort of tree, post, bush or other marker to be placed on the hill incline to make the hilltop OB.

--- Quote ---We will still keep the longer placement as a longer alternate tee (among several planned) that can be played when the fairway is wide open.
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I like the "alternate" (original) tee, mainly because I liked the long hole, but it is the new tee that cannot be played when the rocketeers are out.  One of the regular rocket people was out there the other evening.
            Tee --------->   Rockets
                                             ---> #9


I enjoyed playing SMP in Oct.  I noticed that hole 9 is different than the map shows.  Instead of the listed 519 ft it seems to be in the 300s.  Maybe ~330?  Does anyone have the current length of that hole?  I'm writing up my notes on the course and then I'll post a review of the course ad DG Course Review, so I'd appreciate any help you can give.


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