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The new 6 was eh, the new 7 has some SERIOUS potential if you keep pushing that tee back.  The long pad on that guy is going to be a sick 3; the problem is a lot of people could try to take the lefty route out into #6's fairway.

We have the Tee markers ready to place this weekend.

Its me,  18 planks, 36 pieces of rebar and a sledge hammer.

Who wants to help Sunday? call me 816.678.4468


the problem is a lot of people could try to take the lefty route out into #6's fairway.

Its a tribute to Swope.

Ahh I kid , I kid

Dick has volunteered to clear out the tunnel fairway that will be another placement on 6, that will eliminate any crossed discs, but I think there is plenty O room regardless. Placement of 7 tee is not set in concrete yet, so to speak, so try variations on a theme.

i was just wandering when the course will get mowed i got some friends coming from out of town and i would hate for them to see the way it looks now and i kinda liked #7 tee box where it was now two fairways #6 and #7 almost go over each other but no matter what i am glad to have a course so close to me

Dirk said there are plans for #6 with some of the woods on the right.  Should turn into a pretty good shot.  #7, as I said above, has serious potential.  Nasty par 3 with a low ceiling and OB on the right with a protected green.

john theiss:
Dirk, i would be glad to help you eradicate some the ivy at SMP.  There is so much out there.  i played it on Sunday and was becoming very frustrated.  It is freaking everywhere.  By the end of the summer if nothing gets done, it is going to be very mature.  If you can get some spray, i will start hitting it up this summer when i am off.   i will be glad to do it, especially since it is the closest course to where i live know.  If anyone lives near there and is interested, we can hit up together.

John Theiss


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