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Workday Saturday 3/5/05


Kevin Montgomery:
I'm planning to be at WyCo tomorrow morning at around 9:30am to do some work on the course. I want to move two pin placements so tools to do that would be in order. I can bring buckets, concrete and a shovel but I don't have an auger or good post hole digger. If anyone has such a tool and can bring it please do. I also have some tree trimming to do. I have my chainsaw but I understand the club's pole saw is in need of repair. We'll just make do with what's available in this case. Some weed eating around the next tee markers and in trouble spots might help too. Several little things need to be done too. There's a couple of trash cans in the pond that need to be taken back to the tee pads that they belong at etc...

If you can make it please do. Thanks.

Kevin Montgomery:
Thanks to Max Hilgers, Jake & Angela Carmack, Jeff Campbell and Christian Mann for coming out and getting a lot done at WyCo yesterday. We have two new pin placements one on #1 shorter and in the middle and one on the left on the hillside on #16 to keep the pin dry during wet spells. Max and Christian trimmed up #4 in the woods and started clearing the alcove on #7 for a new pin placement in the woods there.

I expect to have another work day prior to the Kan-U-WyCo, which is a KCFDC/KDGA event on April 9th. More info to be posted soon.


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