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Morning Patrol 7.1.05

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A sock soggy round was completed this morning with 4 participants.  Started the round 8 am with 69°, and a slight breeze.


Christian (Mad Dog) Mann: 57
Mike (ALefty) Penney: 57
Dennis (Me) Freeman: 60
Tim (TKienzle) Kienzle: 76

Next week same time, most likely a different course. Right now it's up in the air between:

Water Works

Cliff Drive

Post your reply with a vote to what course we should play next week on the Morning Patrol.

-Dennis :)

Mad Dog:
God Dam, Gosh Darn, I just don't know where I want to go. My olde favorite, or the new and improving. GOD I guess I'll just have to flip this CLIFF DRIVE!
  Yes, I will stand by my decision, it is Cliff Drive that I desire to play next week. I'll see ya'll there or else I am wrong and will have to play that other course that is my favorite. goD daM it is so hard being Christian Mann.

Mad Dog:
Okay DJ, were are we going to play tommorrow? It is your call. -maD doG


--- Quote from: "Mad Dog" ---Okay DJ, were are we going to play tommorrow? It is your call. -maD doG
--- End quote ---

Mad Dog, I'm out for tomorrow man :( sadly with the shortened week, I can't miss any extra time at work.  I'll rejoin you guys next week if I dont have to have surgery on a hernia I believe I have :(

So I guess it's your pick, have a good time!


Does anyone ever play at Prarie Center in the mornings, or is it too far?


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