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I wish to thank all  players who come out to Prairie Center League on Monday evenings.  The league is one of the best things I look forward to each week.  We will be playing July 4.  Also, in the next few months I hope we can move hole No. 12.  If anybody can help, let me know at 913-888-8863 (business phone) or 913-940-3021 (cell).  Hopefully we will be scheduling a work day.  Thanks-Bob Hayett :D

What is the plan for Hole #12?  Are you planning on moving the basket?  Or are you talking about moving the teepad as well?  Any insight would be appreciated.


Just my two cents worth. If someone could find some railroad ties, we could make stairs off the tee and even build up a little retaining wall, it would also help with the erosion of the hill. I would even be willing to help as long as the workday was on a Monday/Tuesday night late in the evening.

last I'd heard #12 tee will move to about where the pins are now.  The basket placements will be back along the lake, east side/northeast side.

That's a great idea about firming up the cliff where 12 presently is, but only shoring up a few feet would do little good, unfortunately


The Bird Father:
What about just movning the tee pad back to the east further, maybe just south of the yellow gates??

Just throwing an idea out, I wouldn't mind hole #12 playing a little longer.  Or maybe putting the basket closer to the lake and using the same tee pad.


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