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#2 Basket is missing

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I played Olathe this morning and Basket #2 is gone.....when I played Monday it was long left today just the pin (w/o basket) and no cap while the rest of the unused pins have a cap.  Anyway, it looks like it was stolen.

I know that it was there on Tuesday when I played it. It was set over the island in the middle of those trees.

Lets see if 2 is there then 18 must of been stolen!

check the number.....thats 18's basket that Bob moved there on 7-4.....

You also might want to read the leagus post for 7-4 too.

I know that when I played it they were both there and the numbers were on them, so I am sure that it has gone missing since then.  :x

As you probably know by now, no.2 pin has been stolen.  We have been playing no.18 from the sidewalk (adjacent to tee pads) to the practice basket, with the road and parking area out of bounds on the right and the sidewalk out of bounds to the left.  Please be careful before you throw that nobody is walking up the sidewalk or road.  We are using the no.18 pin on the island as no.2.  Hopefully we will be getting a new basket soon.  Thanks to Olathe Parks and Rec for getting one for us.  Later-Bob Hayett


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