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Dirk is still at a meeting with JCPRD, but overall they have been very responsive to the needs of the disc golf course area.

Here are a few highlights that came from our meeting.

1-First and FOREMOST, the course will be closed from July 2-7 fort he 4th of July event.  Most of the disc golf area is utilized for parking.  This was known for the entire duration of the project, so every year, plan on this course being closed. (period)  Realize that we are squatters, and partners with the parks, but it is their land, and to have a few days a year of disc golf taken away is not the worst thing that can happen.

2-They are aware of the HIGH GRASS, currently, unbeknownst to us is that the primary area is what is referred to as a “Hay Lease” area, and this may be the last year for the contract, but what that means (new term to me BTW) is that the area is groomed for hay, and then must be cleaned and taken care of prior to July 1 (before the 4th of July event) by the company that they contract out to.  That means that many of the TALL GRASS areas will be cleared within the next couple of weeks.

3-They admit complete fault in not understanding the mowing needs, and are aware, and have been working on remedies for this.  They have “driven” the layout, see the areas that need to be addressed and appear to have some insight as to how to make this work.  Extremely receptive and knowledgeable in the fact that the land needs to be more tailored to walking terrain, than it has in the past.  The basics of this statement in all honesty, is more of a communication gap, and just overall understanding of the disc golf area.  This is a new area to them, and they are not aware of what all the discs can do.  They will be working on creating more open “Landing Zones” that will shape smaller towards the tee, more open in the 150-300’ range, then smaller clearing back to the hole.  They will not be able to entire mow the fields, but this plan should allow minimal time to identify discs.  Targeted landing zones will help keep lost discs to a minimum.  This may not be the best answer, but it makes sense and should work.  I am looking forward to how it looks.

4-We need to work with them in regards to the Kite area.  The Kite area will not go away, and what we are looking to do is to move the tee pad to the South about 150’, from the current location and then keep a “non-mown” swath of grass between the kite area and the disc golf area for some safety.  This means that it will be a blind shot into the trees, but the mowing will be tailored with the “Landing Zones” so that you will have an idea (prior to T-signs) of where to throw.  This should alleviate some of the concerns, but again, letting the people know that you are throwing, and working “WITH” them is the best form of communication.  Remember, you may be at that particular location for 5-7 minutes, the kite flyers may be there all day.  I would feel entitled to the land if I was there all day, and someone just walked through, so show respect and courtesy (if you don’t have it, pretend!) to the other patrons and we should not have a problem.

5-Upgrades, and other amenities are on the plans.  Cleaning up the areas that are riddled with downed trees, and shrubs, will be something that our workdays are scheduled for.  With your help, and the constant attention of the JCPRD, this is going to take shape into a nice area to play on.  This is the first year of the course, and we need to understand that this is some growing pains that go into that.

Overall we must realize that even though this is a large park, with resources that some of our others do not have, this is the first knowledge that this organization has with Disc Golf.  They have agreed to work with us, have been extremely receptive to the ideas brought forth, and are eager to make this work.  Unlike KCMO, and WyCO P&R where courses have existed for decades, this is a learning curve for them, and a relationship builder for us.  These things will take time, and together with good communication, and the volunteer efforts of us all we will make this a win-win situation.

I was very pleased, and excited by the meeting, and look forward to “tweaking” this course with Dirk and the JCPRD as we continue to move forward.  If you should have any questions or concerns, please remember to be tactful, cordial, and pleasant.  You not only represent yourself better, you implore the disc golf nation to make us all look like the great people that we are.

If you have any ideas, this is the place to share them.

I’ll let Dirk follow up if there is anything to add!




With regards to point #4 and the Kite area, I'm guessing you're speaking of hole #9?


That is correct.  We are talking about moving the tee pad to the South, about equidistant from the #8 green as is now, just to the south, so the walk will be no different.

tricky word equidistant, meaning-the same distance apart at every point-  almost got me' 

John Chapman:

--- Quote from: hartfoundation on June 20, 2008, 09:46:38 AM ---tricky word equidistant, meaning-the same distance apart at every point-  almost got me' 

--- End quote ---

Yeah, Jack, quit being so sesquipedalian. :)



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