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Looking great!! :^)


I just played today and it looks awsome.

Hole 13 is looking great love how wide it is now I use to lose my disk in the left every time now thats not a gonna happen.. yea..

Got a 2 on 11 I was out past the tree that is down and my stingray just decided to find the right path..
Dont mean to toot my own horn but its the first one I got.. I think i'm starting to really love this game... 8)

Well let me know the next work day and i'll be there I was there last sat. but could only stay to 12 but i'll be back to help next time too...

Mike Penney:
Thanks a whole bunch for your hard work on saturday. It will be appreciated by all who will play this year.... I agree hole 13 is a completely different hole now.....

Congrades on your first birdie.........sounds like your addicted now  :lol:

A Thanks also needs to be given to.....Max Hilgers & Grandson
Mike Spadey
Cali Bob
Chriss Mann
Dirk Hacker
Kevin Montgomery
Jack lowe
Jamie Barry
Mark "The Sweeper" Morales
all of who worked hard last saturday on the course...... :lol:

We forgot about Rumple and Bob that helped as well.

yes a very big thanks[/color] to all !!!


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