Author Topic: Disc Golf Article in the July 2008 Urban Times  (Read 1042 times)

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Disc Golf Article in the July 2008 Urban Times
« on: July 03, 2008, 01:15:05 PM »
It was a few weeks ago that Rachel Murphy showed up at Rosedale on Wednesday night to research an article she was writing for Urban Times, a free glossy monthly that can be found from the River Market to the Plaza, and perhaps, in suburban locations as well. She did an excellent job. She got most of her information when she walked the whole round with Tavish, Pete C, Mike Thomas, and me. There are three photos taken by Aaron Lindberg without captions including Justin Starks, Chris Timko, and me. I'll quote the lead article and the pull quotes. Pick up an issue when you can. I think you'll be pleased.

Lead sentence: If Gatorade were the official sponsor of high-pressure sports such as soccer, football, and basketball, then Boulevard would be the sponsor of disc golf. At first glance, this motley assembly of people would not be sized up as fierce competitors. Even after a 2-hour walk around the disc golf course at Rosedale Park, fierce is not the adjective that I would choose, but they are competitors. Better descriptions would be environmentally and socially conscious, community involved, and skill competitors.

Pull quote 1: "Disc golf  is the only time that some people get outside. It's a lot more stimulation than the video games that kids spend so much time on these days," says Pete Cashen, an industrial pipe worker and disc golf enthusiast. "Plus it's good exercise."

Pull quote 2: While the name disc golf conjures up unlikely images of jauntily dressed businessmen throwing Frisbees, the truth is not too far off.

Again, this was a very flattering and  factually correct article. The only error was attributing Justin Starks 2nd place advanced finish in the Wide Open as "second place over all." Kudos to Rachel.



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Re: Disc Golf Article in the July 2008 Urban Times
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2008, 07:22:48 PM »
Great article!

Clandestine homosexual activity... :D