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The St Louis Ironman
« on: July 11, 2005, 02:39:15 PM »
I don't know if theres any KC tourney this Saturday July 16th, if so please disregard this as unattendable. We're having the annual Ironman tourney this Saturday from dawn to maybe past dusk. Its 7 18 hole courses in the easiest configurations in One Day! We cut out a few 9-holers and the easy White Birch to play our finest offerings. Starts at JB then Collinsville IL's Woodland Park across the river to Sioux Passage then Endicott out to Wentzville MO for Quail Ridge the St Peters MO for the Baptist Church and finishing up at Creve Coeur Lake Park. We all meet in the AM at JB with a crew to spend the day with and travel with them all day. Our AcePool is open to current RCF members and sits at $500-$500-$300+/-. This is a tough tourney. Its also a good way to see what we have to offer to the Disc Golf Community as our look has changed a bit in the past couple of years. If you've got the means, check this one out.