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Whats the word on the course?

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What the news on the course any? :?:

Mike Penney:
No news on the course as of yet. Plans are to have the pins in by the City of Fountains Classic July 16th.

I know Dan and Jim are working hard on making this the "Best Course in the World". I believe there will be a big need for help at some point. When that time comes at will be posted.

There is a nine hole "Juniors Course" set up, that is interesting and fun to play if you already haven't.

Stay tuned here as more information will soon follow.............. 8)

In know that we want to use it for the Wide Open Doubles as well, so hopefully the pins and a temp setup will be in prior to that.

Now is it going to have concrete tee pads.. And is the city going to help at all or just the club?

Checked this place out last weekend while visiting KC.  I saw at least 6 baskets, but didn't try to figure out where the tees were supposed to be.  Seems like it's mostly open with tons of trees on the perimeter.  The area looked more interesting in the south side of the park.  Is that where the back nine will be?  

Gotta say this looks like a great course waiting to happen.  With the characters that hang out in this area though... I hope there is no trouble.


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