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7/12 League
« on: July 13, 2005, 01:08:25 PM »
Another gorgeous day at the Gully Golf Course with the humidity once again exceeding the highest score. Mike Davis and Mike Murphy gave a clinic despite a custodial error on the scorecard regarding the 5th hole.
They settled it like the true sportspersons they are and thankfully didn't chide the bonehead in charge more than necessary.


54  David Tull    $12 KC kash
56  Jay Rivard   $5
57  Carl Potts    $3
58  TJ Ring
59  Bryan Harrelson
61  James Arnold


47  Mike Davis     $23
48  Mike Murphy   $12
51  Otto Spiers     $6
52  Nick Potts
53  Kelly Babbit
55  Big Disc Parker
59  Javier Geauzinier
61  Jack Lowe
65  Suzette Nance

Thanks for everybody warming up for the City of Fountains this weekend.
If you can't play please come out to Cliff Drive in the morning or Blue Valley in the afternoon.
Maurice Richard Gleauzinier
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