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Hey Jack,

Would you or anyone be interested in keeping the pro cards from this weekend's event?  I think it would be interesting to list score ranges and averages for each hole at Blue Valley.  Just thought that this might sound entertaining.

You say the map that you all made was only for this weekend's course?  The permanent course will be tweaked a bit?  Moving pads only or baskets too?  It's a good idea to play an event and see how it goes and what feedback you get.  Too bad it's going to be so murderously hot this weekend.

Mike, you're a glutton for punishment.. why weren't you here at this tournament???

Too much going on.  It was going to be H2O and Blue Valley or Glass Blown.  Less driving meant I chose to stink it up in Emporia instead.

62 as the hot round is a good indicator as to the course's difficulty!

I hope that they did, but I am in Chicago.  I want to know the scores as well on each hole.



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