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Morning Patrol 7.15.05 - Water Works


Water Works park was the host for today's Morning Patrol.  4 particpants showed up to sweat buckets on a humid morning north of the River.  Tee off was about 8:15 am temperature had already reached 86°, not much of a breeze to speak about at all.

Dennis - 62
Jim - 65
Christian - 67
Tim - 77

For anyone looking for a good way to start your weekend out come join us.  It's great to get out on while the Morning dew is still on the grass, and 85° beats afternoons of 97° anytime.

Next week we'll be at Water Works park as we'll be having a out of State guest play along.  So if you can make it come!


Reminder for the 8'oclock start at Water Works tomorrow the 22nd..

Also how do you feel about having a Morning patrol on Saturday, or Sunday even?  Might be able to gather more people.



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