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Mighty MO Challenge-April 17th


Thats right, Water Works (my bias on the best course (KCMO)and I am trying to change that with Cliff Drive!---TRY being the operative word) and the new Cliff Drive in a PDGA C Tier just for your fun. You can see the Mighty Missouri River from both courses, hence the name. We want to get people out here to enjoy the new land, and want some feedback as we continue to tinker with disc golf courses here in KC. INformation to follow, come out and play!

Mighty Mo Challenge
April 17
Registration-8:00-9:30 (No late arrivals)
Water Works-Round 1 @10:00
Cliff Drive-Round 2 @ TBD
$40-Open Divisions
$30-Master Divisions
$20-Adv Divisions
*Must have 3 to open a division
+$5 Non PDGA member
+$2 Non KCFDC member
+$3 Ace Fund (50/50 split if no ace hit (CTP), all aces share $$)
*2 Meter rule is NOT in effect
Come play KCMO's best course, and newest course! Directions to Cliff Drive from WW will be available to those that have not played there yet! If you are truly ambitious head out to Cliff Drive for the workday on the 16th of April in support of the Great American Clean Up day!!!

First off I wanted to get a big thanks out to all that kave helped over the last couple of months at Cliff Drive:
Max Hilgers
Jamie Barry
Mike Penney
Chris Mann
Mike D
Larry Miskec
Josh Mott
Eric James
Nick Winlebauer
Luke Winklebauer
Mark Morales (even people raking get props from me)
Kevin Morales
Mike Spady
Tim Kinzle
Greg Neu
Jeff Campbell
Bob Hartness
Buckle's bro Gary
Brandt Pfister
Ace Mason

Without the work from a lot of these people, this course would not look better today than it did yesterday.  Please thank them for taking time out of their busy schedule to help you enjoy the game that you love.

There are a few things that need to be done and as we head into the big clean up day on Saturday, I wanted to make everyone aware of what I would llike to see done, as I am heading to Sioux City for the next few days, and then to Wichita to finish the week, I will be llimited with my time to do things this week.  SO here is the wish list of items that need to be done:
Stairs on 8 heading down need shored up
Stairs heading out to #12 need to be fixed
Weed wack the DU under holes and p[revent the new growth
Tee Markers sprayed-I did yesterday
OB on road marked
Brush out from DU holes
Brush out from Cliff on #14 BIG PILE for P&R to take
Cover drain on #13 by the cliff
Clean up the putting green on #6
Chop all tree stunmps for mowers on #6, #13, #14 to ground level as mowing starts this week.

That is all for Cliff that I can think of this week that needs to be done prior to Sunday.

At WW:
Paint OB on Road and stairs
Clear tree downed on #7 tee pad area
Clean up #5 stragglers in trees (trim up around dead limbs)
Move Baskets-Thanks Jamie Barry its done don't move any other baskets!
#2-Top of hill (Original)
#5-Center (orginal)
#9-Right (Original)
#10-Middle Left (Original)
#11-Left Top of hill
#12-Short (Original)
#16-Short (by tree)
#18-Top of Hill (Original)
Pre event work needed:
T-shirts (Tavish and Rick, Tavish needs club logo for back of shirt)
Program (Jack)
Prize Vouchers (rick a alittle help here?)
Discs for prize pkgs
Directions from WW to Cliff Drive

===o {>[]----

Jack Lowe
"Disc Golf-
Like ball golf, only faster,
cheaper, and healthier!"


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