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I'm just a beginner at disc golf, but I've been involved with enough sports to have learned something.  If you make all your courses "tough" and start talking about "no whiners" and all that crap, you will soon find yourself without anyone new coming into the sport.  What's more, if you go for the "big guns" with long drives on the vast majority of holes, you will also put off those of us who are older.  Now, you may say this is just "whining" and that I should shut up.  The truth is, though, that if you don't think of the future of your sport, you are going to see the death of your sport.  For proof of that, take a look at fencing.  How many places do you have in KC that sponsor fencing teams?  25 years ago, there were at least 3, maybe 4.   Now?  Zero.  They got to eliteist and killed themself off.  Make the courses beginner friendly too, or you won't have any beginners...thus...the death of the sport you love, and that I am coming to love.   Just my 2 cents worth, but it's worth it's weight in gold.

He has a good point about the beginner friendly concept.  Do you guys invision seperate tee boxes, like in Ball Golf?  Blue or Black = Pros, White = Am's/Rec, even go Red = Women's/Jr?

I'd say marking these might not be a bad idea.  And then add them as necessary once the concrete starts to get poured for tee boxes.


with all the courses in town, there will be many that are more beginner friendly.  There is a plan in place to use alternate pads at BV, though the alternate will still prolly play over 7000', so.......

There are plenty of courses in town that will play shorter, now we have a course that will always play long, similar to WyCo in that regard, but there is a little 9 hole course right next door on this tract of land.

It takes time, patience, and volunteerism to make these work.



--- Quote from: "jack" ---  There is a plan in place to use alternate pads at BV, though the alternate will still prolly play over 7000', so.......

--- End quote ---

That's great!


You gotta get real!  Disc golf is probably the most beginner friendly sport ever!  

First, it's free.  As sports go, it takes minimal equipment and time investment, as well as minimal energy expenditure. Secondly, with the versatility of the game's nature, its easy to notice techniques that will dramatically improve your game as you become more experienced.  I've seen players become professionals in their first year of play.

We have hundreds of courses around the world that are filled with duece or die holes.  It's not like you can't find any to play.  These courses teach nothing but how to throw a good hyzer and putt.  You may only need a putter to play the course!  Point is that to anyone but players that just started throwing, these courses aren't much fun.  The strategy that is involved with more challenging courses is the direction of disc golf's future.  As Jack pointed out, this strategy is what golf is!  A course that doesn't test you, espescially mentally, isn't keeping the games interest in mind.  New players are inspired at seing pro level performances.  Challenging courses offer the motivation for players to improve their game and the opportunity to track the progress.

Many courses, espescially in KC, offer many different pin locations that vary in difficulty.  An even better idea that many courses incorporate is alternate tee pads.  Isn't this a good solution to keeping new players coming to the game?  If not, I'm not sure where your coming from.  Play the 9 hole course in Blue Valley and tell me if you like it better than the new 18 holer.


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