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Course Update - 11/20/08

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The course has now been mowed in its entirety.

I met with some people from the city yesterday to discuss several holes that lie in a low spot and play over some pretty wet areas.  I won't say now that my new holes will be permanent, but I did change holes 13-15 to avoid the swampy areas.  We lost a lot of distance on hole 13 and a little on hole 15, but hole 14 (which was WAY too short to begin with) has been lengthened and improved to use more of the tree areas around that paticular hole.  If you've been to the course and seen the holes, I think that hole 12 in particular will be a signature hole as time goes on (reminds me a lot of Swope #1, a tunnel shot down the trees), and I tried to redesign 13-15 to give the same aesthetic.   

It sounds goofy, but the course is basically in, just minus the baskets.  Yesterday I played a couple holes "object style" and it wasn't bad at all.

Brian P

fantastic!  thanks Brian.

Where is this course?  Would you please post some directions?  When do you think the baskets will be installed?

this course is at legacy park in lee's summit.

I am not sure when the baskets will be put in yet.  The city is going to pour a couple more tee pads and hopefully put in a new basket placement before the course opens for play(at least that's my hope).

I didn't think they'd mow the entire thing either, but hey, we get what we get.  Complaining isn't going to turn that course into wolf creek in pomona doug.

I went out yesterday and laid out flags for some new pin placements and two more tees.  I'm not sure how long it will take them to pour the pads and put the new sleeves in, but the course looks and plays well now.

let's get some perspective, people played a game similar to disc golf for years, just throwing at trees or other kinds of object markers.  just cuz you can't hear the ching of the chains doesn't mean you can't go out there and play some golf!


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