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This course is mighty fine! I spoke with a few regular golfers and it seems a Saturday morning league would be feasable. I'd suggest 10:00am or earlier, and let's set some pins closer for the beginners, 3 hours to play is possible if you show up and there's no nonsense.

please post your reply

Sounds good. Maybe 9:00 would work? Post the time and I'll try to make it.

10 would work better for me.  I can listen to Click and Clack then on my way in.

I want to have it as a mixed doubles format, Adv/Pro mix and match.  

Thoughts, we need a doubles league.


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Thoughts, we need a doubles league.
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YES!! Jack I started a thread about doubles league's if you wouldn't mind posting your thoughts in there maybe we can get the ball rolling at one of the courses.


That I saw, but we need to gain more people participating, and having that type of style, BV would be as much fun for the casual player, we would better serve the players by having it at Swope, IMHO.


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