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I just wanted to publicly say I had a freakin blast last night playing Glow golf!  That was my first expierence with it, and had no idea how much fun it would be.

Now the question is when are we going to do that again?  :D


so how does that work.  I know about the glow disc, but do you guys light up the pins some how?  And where did you guys play last night?

From everything I've heard the glow disc's dont work worth a crap, so we taped mini led's (they use them for fishing) to the top of our disc.  Or they also have these mini glow sticks that you tape using clear tape.

Baskets were illuminated with standard glow sticks.  Last night we played at Rosedale after the new players league.

I wish I could say this will be more of an occurance but I'm not sure when the next time we'll do it.


Let me know if you guys play rosedale. thats not too far from me.  So is buying  a glo disc not worth it?  My roomates and I were all thinking of getting at least one to play at night down at Prarie Center.  What about the disc that you take a flash of? Those work?

Kevin Montgomery:
There will be a glow league starting this fall at Water Works on Thursday evenings. League starts the week after summer leagues end and continues until the week before summer leagues begin. They tee off at 6:00pm.


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