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Blue Valley Backwards on Saturday 23rd


Backwards at 11, can you make it?  Do you want to?  We will meet at the disc golf shelter at 11 am.

Soooo.... how much is that crack running these days Jack?  8)

crack crack, supercrack.  We are now having it flown in by little black helicopter!
:)  Not sure what the cost will b, but thinking of the holes last night made me quiver.

Quiver?  ahahahah..

Well, they make me itch personally.. and sweat.  Maybe when it's cooler :P

Well, there were 14 who showed up..then 15...then a few left "early"....finally the last group was 6, playing doubles.

We ended up playing 9 holes backwards (starting from 10 basket, last hole was #2 to #9)  then played the back 9 forwards.  

Can we all say HOT together please?  Actually, the breeze was great, it was tolerable since we managed to play to the abundant shade a lot.

But, by 16, those of us on the high score card decided to call it quits, and the leader card did finish.  I left before that, so someone else will have to post those scores.  The best after the first 9 was Laron and Mike D at 7 over (using 3 as universal par).  

Actually, backwards at BV is pretty fun...a couple of holes are easier than forwards, several were harder, but there was nothing unfair about any of it.    Aside from the walk, what with the hills and the heat, it wasn't that much harder than Rosedale on NY Day.



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