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07-18-05 League


25 out on the Prarie enjoying some beautiful summer weather and some DG. A light breeze and more moderate temps made for some good golfing. A large group stayed for skins and putt putt (it's worth staying just to listen to Otto, Beckett, and Mike D. come up with the rules) after the round. Come on out for league. Summer is slipping away.......
For the second week in a row Leo, from Topeka, hit metal on hole #5. Last week the chastity belt, this week the basket, earning him some dollars.

OPEN (15)
Otto S.       45
Bobby V.    46
Beckett C.  47
Tom B.       50
Hans C.      51
Leo D.        51
Mike Davis  51
Ben T.        51
Arturro V.   53
Dustin M.    53
Bryan G.    54
Chris D.     61
Derrick V.   63
Jason W.    72
Brian B.      72

AM (6)
Dean U.     58
David J.     58
Bob H.       59
Andy L.      60
Mike G.      61
Dan F.       68

Dan C.      50
Doc N.       57
Charlie B.  63
Don G.      64


Leo D.:
Damn Disccatchers!!!  :lol:


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