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7/19 League
« on: July 20, 2005, 09:50:52 AM »
Another perfect day for golf at Swope. We played the rings of rocks as ob and got a clarification from d cashen his own self; the rocks were first placed to keep the mowers out of the low lying areas on the south end of the course to allow vegetation to establish a roothold as well as define what has become known as Geauzinier Gully. The rocks surrounding the northern waterway serve much the same purpose and are designed to accommodate a boat ramp in the near future. Plans are being made to enlarge Cashen Creek to the size of Brush Creek to allow greater drainage from Elmwood and the Parks Dept maintenance area and boat rides up and down the creek.
All that aside here are the scores in another individual thread. I wish I had more time to spend figuring out how to post the scores of the attending players every week in a better form but the course and my game need so much work I'd rather send the energy there instead.


53  Sandy Dan Coffman       $7 KC cash
59  Carl Potts                      $5
60  David Tull
60  TJ Ring


62  Suzette Nance               $5 KC cash
66  Angela Plitsch


49  Otto Spiers (tie)       $18
49  LaRon Harris            $18
53  Mike Murphy            $7
53  Nick Potts                $7
54  Bobby Villareal
54  Mark Stiles
55  Jamie Barry
55  Arturo Villareal
56  Jack Lowe
57  Dick Parker
63  Fred Fortson

Thanks again to all you who make it possible to have such a great league experience each week. Judging from the number of casual golfers playing on a daily basis people are beginning to discover the Gully is where your game really takes off.

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Always good for a laugh!
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2005, 06:29:46 PM »
I find it amusing that, from the first mention of the rocks by Dan Cashen they were always intended to be an out of bounds marker in addition to what ever else they are.  But now there is a new story, an addendum if you will.

So when do the boat rides start up?  Will we be able to fish?  Swimming?  Can we breed piranahs in there for an extra bonus to people looking for discs?

Stiles rules!