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Middle School Course, Olathe


The school course at 135th and Pflumm (California Trail??)  certainly isn't a gem among gems, but it's nice for those times when it's convenient and time is a consideration.  (I'm spending a lot of time in Olathe ;)

The #8 basket has been missing for quite a while, at least the 6 months that I've been hanging out here.  And, lately, #2 and #6 need work, the basket is on the ground, although #2 has been engineered so it's in place, barely.

I'm planning to talk to the school sometime in the next couple of weeks, to see what can be done to make that course a bit more complete, and maybe better.  Would anyone be interested in contributing toward buying a basket for them, on behalf of the KCFDC?  I'd also like to see a couple of the baskets relocated, and maybe a couple  tee boxes, such as they are, moved as well.  

Just an idea.  Lemme know, here or on Topica, if you think this is worth it.


Sounds like an excellent PR opportunity and as well as the chance to add another notch in the belt of KCFDC Resume.


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