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Clinton Lake State Park

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The baskets are moved and i just finished mowing tee's and greens this morning. There's two loops of nine holes stradling the permenant layout yet to be completed. One is pretty long and open w/ different tee options, the other is shorter and much more unforgiving of errant shots. There is a park entrance fee if you show up when the booth is open (after 4 M-F and all day sat., sun.) it's $6.50 per vehicle. You can park up at the Corps of Engineers office and take one car in.


I have not been there in years, are there signs or something pointing the way to the course?

Not yet, but Chris Breight is coming out next wed. to donate some time to artistic signage 8)

The girls in the office can tell you where it is if i'm not around.  Finding the first holes is all you should need, i'm going to try to put some paint arrows down tomorrow.

Mike Penney:
next tee's are a good thing.......

INFO:  The booth opens up at noon on Fridays :wink:


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