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Course Update - 1/10/09


So, I decided to drop by the course today after exercising and I noticed that there were tarps over all the bench/trash can areas.

It looks like the pads for the benches are now poured and drying.  It also looks like they have pulled at least one of the earthen dams that was causing some drainage issues from holes 13-15.

We're getting closer everyone!  A couple more warm days and you may even see some baskets!

Your Friendly Legacy Park CC,

Brian P

Thats great news cant wait till its finally open. I played it once before they took the baskets out.

one more quick update for today, the 12th: the city had people out today working on constructing the walkways over the marshy areas of the course.

IT'S MOVING!!  let's keep being patient and before we know it we're going to have our course!


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