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I threw a red disc into a tree today at Prarie Center on #4.  As I began looking for it, I could see a yellow disc next to the red one.  So I climbed up and shook them out.  Then I noticed that neither of those was the one that I threw!  So back into the tree I went and finally found mine.

Anyway, the discs have names and phone #'s so I've contacted their owners and hopefully they'll be reunited soon.

Mad Dog:
You're a good man, Warren. it is too bad that there aren't more discers with your values. Thank you for helping me do my job.  Just remmeber that it is all about Karma and yours just went up. -Mad Dog

That dang tree on number 4 ate my Red Starfire last week.  I don't know what it is about that tree.  Thanks for being an honest disc golfer!  I wish more people were like you.  



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