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My buddies and I played a round last night around 9:30 pm. It was my first time playing at night, and the lights you all suggested worked great. I had no problem finding my disc.  It was only 3 of us last night, but we plan on doing this on Sunday nights regularly.  Its nothing really organized, but come on out if you want.  I had some glow necklaces at my house that I used to light up the baskets. they did alright.  What do you guys usually use to light up the baskets?

Larger Glow Sticks for the baskets.  either string them to the basket somehow or use clear packing tape to attach them to the center pole.

with the exception of some jack-o-laterns at Halloween, I never remember the baskets lit up at all for the WW league... the lights from the city lit up a few on top and sometimes the moon helped, other than that you gotta "feel" it- or hope someone sinks a putt before you

light up the baskets?  Karma...

there are some pole hole designs that have a solar powered light incorporated into the design. Des Moines Water Works has them, but I've never seen them lit.

Lighting your baskets is weak!  You must play without lights on the baskets, only lights on your discs!  In fact, at WW Glow League it's against the rules to light the baskets.  The only way to light a basket is if someone on your card makes it into the basket before you and is kind enough to leave their disc.

Don't light your baskets!  It's more fun!


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