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Anybody out there watching KCFDC's own Tavish Sanders' results at the Allentown PA tourney? I heard she was in 14th place out of 24 as of last night.
Tav is an amateur playing against the pros and doing pretty well.
Go to and click on the tour icon. That will hook you up with the schedule and you can watch Tavish move up.

m richard

Kevin Montgomery:
I've been watching. Outstanding! Too bad KC doesn't have more players at the Pro Worlds. GO TAVISH!! Here's a link to go straight to the scores page:

The live scoring link on the page ^posted above is pretty kewl... right now they're following the masters lead card, later will be the open men lead. Perhaps in the future all tourney players' scores will beam in realtime to the intraweb so that one may watch any match of local interest... palms as scorecards... 8)


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