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   As State Coordinator for Missouri, I get to pick one person that gets to play in the USDGC.  Normally I pick the best Missouri player from the KCWO that hasn't already qualified.  This year that person was Chad Larson from Columbia.  Chad suffered a knee injury last week, and will be unable to play. So.....

I need to find someone to fill that spot, and I need to do it fast. The following requirements exist:

1.  You MUST live in Missouri, so Kansas residents are either out of luck, or you must beg Terri Clark, who is the Kansas Coordinator.

2.  You may pay your entry fees to USDGC by August 1.  That is Monday, or less than 4 days from now. Sorry about that, but this is a last-minute replacement.  

3. You must call me to let me know you're interested.  Call me at 816-547-6148 (my cell phone, or if it's during business hours today or tomorrow, then call 816-471-3472 and talk to me at Disc Golf World.)  I will then tell you how to sign up and pay your entry fee.

4. You MUST be a current dues-paid PDGA member.  You cannot pay your dues now.  You must have paid them already.

5. You MUST go to the tournament.  I want to give this spot to someone who will go and have a good time.  I don't want this person to back out at the last minute.  

6. This spot doesn't necessarily have to go to a pro, although preference will be given to pros, and also to people who volunteer their time to their local club.  I will take an amateur who wishes to and commits to going.

7. You must pay your entry fee, travel, and all other related expenses.  All I'm doing is getting you an opportunity to enter the tournament.

I will choose someone from the list of people who call me in the next 2 days or so.  That's the rest of today, and all of Friday and Saturday.  You will then have to pay your entry fees on Monday.  Sorry for the late notice, but injuries happen.  My phone numbers are below.  Email is fine also.

John Chapman
(816) 547-6148 cell
(816) 471-3472 work (Thursday or Friday before 5PM only)
(816) 455-5660 home
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