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Is the message board running good now? I think we should switch to this forum for our club business and dump topica. Lets move the traffic to our site. What does every one think? Seems to me we have a split going on in the cyber world and in order to bring the club members togather we should start by bringing them here to chat.      pete

I'm no expert on Message boards but this software does seem to run smoothly on several other boards I'm a member to.  Even seems like some of the traffic has been up in the last few days.

Keep it up the good work!

Mike Penney:
I agree with Pete. We should dump topica and go with this forum. I think we will get more input then we currently do from topica. I think it would serve as a much better way to provide information to non-club members. Plus your email wouldn't be flooded by hot topics that sometimes get disccussed.

as if anyone besides pete cares what my dog tells me to think, this site is great. if we're trying to get new players jazzed this offers more than topica seems to.
just like on the course, step up and start doing it.

good idea, get discussion off topica and on Actually I have been trying to get this going for over a year. the new board will help. If oyu notice when you enter a thread you can subscribe to it and you will get an email notification when someone else posts to the topic.

Not quite like getting an email message in your inbox but we're getting there.

I encourage all members to use this board as the primary discussion vehicle.

Dirk :P


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