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legacy league?

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are we going to have a club league at legacy?
if so, do we have a day for sure?

i heard a possible friday league.
wyco is further; but rosey is probablly busier.

i love wednesday, but whatever. i also heard that the parks talked about a season that you would sign up and pay for. that would be cool, hopefully we can do both.

we haven't got buyoff from the city to hold a club sponsored league out there yet.

the city is planning a league on their own.  it's $20 i believe and will run for a couple of months in the summertime.

Looks like an answer....good we have too many leagues, now MOndays have 4.....let them do what they like, they move good.

I wonder what there format will be, and what you get for winning/placing?
Is it possible they intentinally scheduled it on Monday's knowing there were 3 KCFDC events that night, or were they just ignorant and didn't care?  ??? It seems to me they would get better attendance and more skilled players if it was on another night. Somebody might suggest to them a different night, and to start at 6:00 instead of 6:30, but whatever.  :P

this monday night league has been in the works long before the course was complete.  I think both answers are correct, they don't know anything about running a disc golf league and they don't care about drawing a large attendance of veteran golfers.  LS parks and rec have they're own revenue and they're biggest concern is Lee's Summit and it's tax payers, and that's not a bad thing.  but these guys have been great to work with, Palmer get's one on one time with them and there's 7 days in the week.  i'm sure a good night for kcdg league will come about but it might not be very soon.

i worry more about the upkeep that bear of a park is going to demand and the man hours it will take.  that land has never been maintained and in the next few weeks it's going to go bananas.


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