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Cliff drive hole one
« on: March 15, 2009, 08:34:24 PM »
Played Cliff Drive today and like what you did on several of the holes. A couple of things I would change to make the park safer for all playing, Hole One  pull the form back at least 6' to 8' feet off of the railroad ties that are set up. This should leave it half on and half off. This is a big hole and you need to leave the player some follow through. Even though you designers might not follow through there are plenty that do. The ties will still give you what you wanted a cool tee. There is no comparing this hole to any other in KC. It is a big drive to get out there. Hole 13 did you consider moving the tee under the tree by the street and trimming the branches up, a bench on one side and the tee on the other? Then this brings into play about 600' of OB on the street much like 12 only the opposite side of the road. Hole 17 was fun and long.
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Re: Cliff drive hole one
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2009, 10:09:36 AM »

The problem really is the placement of 10's basket, if we go much further back you risk getting hit from errant shots.

On 13, I plan on placing a bunch of other trees (ok maybe 10...) to define the fairway.  I am also still trying to work with the groups at getting the area where 13's basket is to become a playground and basketball courts, then move 14 & 15 across the street, and have 13 go to 14's basket.....that part of the course is going to be ready this year for the worlds, but may change soon thereafter.

I am hoping that with all the meetings that I am having to do because of the tee pads that I will be able to drive more designs to help the area and associations get what they want (basketball court removed-I want it moved, not removed) and in turn allow us to have a better course.

The tree by 12's pad is a NASTY mullberry tree, Kevin Corbett can only eat so many of I was staying clear of that tree intentionally.


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