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8/2 League
« on: August 03, 2005, 09:26:31 AM »
Another fine evening of golf played by those who put hand to plastic rather than sit and type about the finer points of doing so.
Atmospheric conditions were perfect; hot and humid with just a mouse poot of a breeze.


54  Sandy Dan Coffman     $9 KC
59  Karl Potts                    $7
61  Flyin Brian Woodson     $5
62  Jim Sherwood              $3
63  Bryan Harrelson
64  Kelly Warren
66  Duffy Carduff
68  Lyn Warren


63  Suzette Nance             $5 KC
70  Angela Plitsch


47  Clark Phartin               $24
49  Carson Wilson             $11  Welcome back Carson!
49  LaRon Harris               $11
50  Otto Spiers                 $5
55  Ryan Hanger
56  Mike Murphy
57  Nick Potts
58  Beckett Carduff
58  David Tull
58  Mark Stiles
59  Dick Parker

The ace fund is now up to $128 at one of the most ace friendly courses in town.  The course was mowed 8/1 and looks great, the course is set with a variety of holes and will have more swapped around next week.
Many thanks to all the support we get from the league players as well as all the folks who come out with their kids and friends who have never played Swope before.

Maurice Richard Gleauzinier
Freelance Flight Tightener
Just Say Glow Foundation
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