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up coming events?????


Mike Penney:
Is there a reason that upcoming tournaments aren't being posted? I don't think you can expect many players to come to our events if they don't know about them. It just doesn't seem that this website and the marquee's are being utilized. Not everybody who plays Disc Golf is a club member......and not all the club members are on topica.

Kevin Montgomery:
We have added a calendar program to the Events page just today. Go check it out and give us feedback. It isn't complete yet but some events have been posted.

Its a start....I like it for getting a view for the calendar aspect (which weekend an event occurs on).  However, I would like to be able to select a specific event from the Home page, which would bring the event details (courses, divisions, entry fees, email and phone number of TD etc)and entry form up so I could print it out and send it in.  Of course it would be nice to also be able to select specific events from the calendar too.  Anyway, I would be willing to assist if you need some help.


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