Author Topic: 5th Annual Kansas City Disc Golf Day and Picnic—May 16, Rosedale Park  (Read 5582 times)

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It's time for Disc Golf Day on May 16. Here's a link to a registration form:

We're once again at Rosedale, but we have the shelter reserved this year. Come out and play a round, eat some food, drink some drinks, and plays some games. It's about fun and disc golf camaraderie and also a fundraiser for the Worlds. It's a great time to bring a new person out and teach them about this wonderful game.

Hope to see everyone there. If you can't attend, you can still support the event and get the commemorative disc and tee shirt.


Rick Rothstein

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Just a quick reminder that Kansas City Disc Golf Day returns to Rosedale Park tomorrow (May 16). It's an informal, non-competitive day to celebrate disc golf in Kansas City as we raise some funds for this summer's Worlds Championships that the KCFDC is hosting. Please sign up (or check in) and get a scorecard at the shelter. By filling in your entry form before you get there, you can save some time. Also, you can register and get get your package at Disc Golf World through 6 p.m. today.

Here's a registration form:

Disc Golf Day registration is $20, which includes a commemorative golf disc (Valkyrie, Wraith, Aviar Putter or Roc) a tee shirt (sun washed neon green or sun washed neon orange) and a picnic. Everyone who plays a round a golf and turns in a scorecard becomes eligible to win prizes in a raffle to be held around 3:00. Other prizes will be distributed for participating in an assortment of frisbee games that might include Saucer Toss Golf, Arm Chair Mini Guts, Arm Chair Poker Golf, Arm Chair Speed Putts, Mini Golf, etc.

Also, if you're new to the Kansas City Flying Disc Golf Club, you can join the club for $15 (add $10 for a family membership) when you buy a DGD package. This is $5 off the regular price. A KCFDC membership application is here:

In addition, we’re going to have a ongoing CTP contest for an Innova Traveler. It’s a buck a throw, and there is no limit to how many throws you may choose to buy.

Here’s the schedule
Registration open: 9 am
Form a group and play a round (finish by 2:45 to get in the raffle)
CTP Contest: through 2:45
Games begins: 11 am
Noon to 1:30 am: Picnic (BBQ meat and veggies, chips, beverages). Bringing food to share is encouraged.
Things wrap up and a group photo: 3 pm-ish.

Hope to see everyone there. If you have any questions, call me at 816.471.3472 today and 816.914.0094 tomorrow.

Please note that Disc Golf World will be closed tomorrow in honor of Disc Golf Day.



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Please note that Disc Golf World will be closed tomorrow in honor of Disc Golf Day.

It's like, a holiday  ;D
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Have fun...Wait a miunte...isn't everyday a Disc golf day...when your playing? :P


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Thanks to all who put this on yesterday. Kelly cooks a mean burger, and I really liked the classic look of this year's logo. Great times...


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Too bad there were no full color fundraiser discs with this stamp. That woulda been sweet.
I was a little surprised on the course set-up since it's geared toward getting new players out.
I personally shot pretty well the 2 rounds I shot but was wondering what it was like for a co-worker I ran into that just started playing.
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Rick Rothstein

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Thanks to the 158 people who supported Disc Golf Day last Saturday. All the people who bought packages and helped out are listed below. So far, we raised about $850 towards the Worlds. "So far" means we have still have packages left that can be purchased at DGW for $15. There are mainly Aviar Putters and a few Rocs left to go with L, XL, and XXL tee shirts.

It appears that nearly everybody had a really fun day. Disc Golf Day was made possible through the efforts of many people. Let's thank Kelly Warren who fed everyone, Tavish Sanders for helping with the meal and registration, Dick Parker and John Chapman for getting the beer, Dick for the the mini course, Lynne Warren for the goofy games, Brenda Vogelsmeyer (assisted by her son, Evan) of All Star Awards for the three cool trophies and helping with the meal and registration, Ray Kinnett of Pepsi for the soda, Pete and Dan Cashen for providing the grill,  and Jim Sherwood for moving the baskets to some (but not all) of the shorter positions. Also thanks to Duffy Carduff at Eagle Products and me at Disc Golf World for the supportive pricing on the shirts and discs.

The Spirit Trophy was given to Kelly Warren for the victuals, the Mini Golf trophy to Greg Curtin, and in a random draw, goofy-games girl Lynne Warren got the Goofy Games award. Thanks in part to Innova, we had lots of prizes in the raffle for participating in golf and the Goofy Games. Toby Kennedy was the only one to make the 75-foot CTP shot and snagged the Traveler Portable Target.

I also want to welcome these new KCFDC members who signed up at Disc Golf Day: Tim Bannister, Brandon Card, Jacob Coles, Greg   Curtin, Brian Haight, Mike Miller, Bobby Murphy, Derek   Newman, Chris Pfister, Don Pfister, Jamell Sablow, Dean Scott, CJ Snapp, Marc Wisbey, Craig Workman.

Thanks to again to everyone and a shout out to the weather gods, who smiled upon us. Be looking for the sixth annual Kansas City Disc Golf Day next may.


5th Annual Disc Golf Day Participants
(Let me know about any mis-spellings or omissions.)

Darren   Arreola
Jacob   Bacyher
Tim   Bannister
Erin   Barling
Gerry   Baygents
Tim   Becks
Brad   Berve
Bob   Blanchard
Liz   Borg-Bowman
Eddie   Briones
Daymon   Britt
Andy   Bryant
Brandon   Card
Tavish Carduff
Dan   Cashen
Pete   Cashen
Crystal   Catron
Matthew   Chance
John   Chapman
Jacob Coles
Norine Cruz
Greg   Curtin
Dana   Davenport
Tim   Deddens
Austin Delmond
Katherine   Delmond
Olivia Delmond
Ben   Delp
Deion   Denton
Dusty   Dewitt
Steve   Drew
Child 1   Dwyer
Child 2   Dwyer
Child 3   Dwyer
Lance   Dwyer
Mrs   Dwyer
Paul   Eklund
Dave   Emerson
Joe   Engleman
Pete   Engleman
Nathan   Fishback
Alex   Franklin
Steve   Glover
Nate   Goodwin
Brian   Haight
Eric   Handy
Steve   Harris
Matt   Hayes
David   Hoglund
Jeff   Hoglund
Travis   Horn
Steve   Hostetler
Allen   Hughes
Lee   Jacques
Eric   Janes
CJ   Johnson
John   Johnson
Ted   Keith
Mike   Keizer
Jeff   Kelley
Tobin   Kennedy
Jack   Kenworthy
Hal   Kurz
Andre Labuyere
Gary   Lafreniere
Pat   Lanning
Rich   Lodes
Jack   Lowe
Marley Lowe
Annie Magill
Levi   Malottki
Shawn McANaw
Terri   McBee
Terry   McBee
Dustin   McBeth
Brian    McGill
Miles   McKee
James   McLaughlin
William   Mersman
Mike   Miller
Tom   Mollenbeck
John   Moloney
Mike   Moores
Ryan   Muenks
Bobby   Murphy
Jim   Neal
Bill   Neenan
Brian   Neenan
Jed   Neenan
Derek   Newman
Jon   Oakes
Ryan   Oldham
Colby   Olliso
Lisa   Olliso
Sam   Olliso
Sam   Olliso Jr
Brian    Palmer
Leslie   Palmer
Dick   Parker
Dave   Parks
Hal   Patchen
Andrew   Pemberton
Mike   Penney
Don   Pfister
David    Pinkston
Nanette   Pinkston
Ashley   Pope
Joel   Ramos
Ray   Reynold
Ray   Reynols
Greg   Richards
Rick   Rothstein
Jamell Sablow
Dean   Scott
Shean Shelton
Jim   Sherwood
Bill   Shinoski
Dustin   Smith
CJ   Snapp
Mike   Spady
Mike   Specht
Otto   Spiers
Jason   Stanifer
James   Staniger
Becky   Stebbins
Jon   Stebbins
Duane   Steiner
Charlie   Stout
Chris   Stout
Ted   Stout
Kristie Svejda
John   Theiss
Chris   Timko
Richard   Tuescher
Bill   Turner
David   Valdiviez
Bill   Vanatta
David   Vaughn
Tim   Veith
Seitha   Vellanki
Tom    Verstraete
Brenda    Vogelsmeyer
Evan   Vogelsmeyer
Jeremy   Wade
Tracy   Walker
Kelly   Warren
Lynne   Warren
Dan   Weinert
Matt   Wells
Clint   White
Ken    Wilkinson
Lynn   Wilson
Nick   Winklebauer
Marc   Wisbey
Marshal   Wolfe
Craig   Workman
Vlad   Wunschl
Matt   Zenovitch
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Anthony Puryear

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Rick, would it be possible to post pictures of the disc/shirt design? I couldn't make it on Saturday, but might be interested in a package. Thanks!
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Here ya go, Anthony-- my shirt and Aviar putter from DGD. They also had the shirts in a sort of orange sherbert or salmon color.

David E

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I believe the color was described to me as 'gay peach'
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That's probably an accurate description. :D

Seems to be a lot of funky-colored disc golf t-shirts out there. The funky or "loud" colors are fine, but I probably wouldn't wear them for anything other than disc golf or working around the house. I prefer a regular old black, white, gray, or navy blue t-shirt if I have the choice.

Rick Rothstein

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I believe the color was described to me as 'gay peach'

I think they are called sun washed neon orange and sun washed neon green. But peaches are in season now too.

Anthony Puryear

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Those are cool. I'll have to make my way to DGW soon and pick up a package. Will you be accepting KC cash for those? Or do I need to pay real cash since its for worlds?
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I really like the colors of the shirts.  I have enough disc golf tees in black/white/gray/red/blue/other primary color, so it was nice to see something different.


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I am missing from the list.

I'll beat you to it Jack.
Was I not worth mentioning??  :D
Steven Disc Glover