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8/16 League
« on: August 17, 2005, 10:16:07 AM »
Every hole was set in its shortest possible setting, kinda reminds you of Cool Crest. Next week we're adding a windmill on number 5 and an erupting volcano on 13.
The top 3 positive things heard last night: With a course this short we're done at 7:30! I've had so many birdies tonight my self esteem is sky high!
That Todd Henry sure is a good golfer!
Same setting next week, what are the chances of some more players who aren't regulars showing up and sharing the love? Thanks to Mike Penney, Dave Leonard, and Rick Rothstein for coming out!

The numbers:


39!  Todd Henry       $24 US
41   LaRon Harris      $14
43   Dan Coffman     $10 This guy still thinks he's an advanced player!
44   Otto Spiers        $6 Won playoff
44   Carson Wilson    
46   Dick Parker
46   Mark Stiles
48   Mike Murphy
50   Jake Bowen
50   Nick Potts
51   Buckett of Sunshine Carduff
52   Dave Hemmeline
56   Dirk Hacker


54!  Angie Plitsch      $7  KC
57   Tavish Sanders  $5
59   Suzette Nance
67   Becky Stebbins


52   TJ Ring             $6 KC
53   Dave Leonard   $3
58   Mike Penney

Advanced Masters

51   Paul Klunel        $7 KC
52   Rick Rothstein    $3  
52   Carl Potts
53   David Tull  
As Dirk pointed out it was probably the most perfect weather for league as it has been all summer.
The ace fund is getting back up in the $150 range, come out and take full advantage of the placements.
Always, thanks to those who make league happen. If it wasn't for those who put theory into practice where would we be?

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