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First time out to Yates, and John, CONGRATS!  This is a fun course, and not necessarily as easy as it may seem.  No shortage of short shot variety, it's great!

john theiss:
Thanks a lot.  That really means a lot to me when folks enjoy it.  That course is my baby and was a great deal of work.  However, i had much help.  And it was installed for under 5K.  Definately had some major donations and discounted supplies along the way. The best thing about building a course out of neglected public land is seeing all the new folk in the area that have discovered the game.  There is an eighth grader named Clinton who plays out there about every day and the kid is BAD. He is still raw and has so much to learn but he is addicted.   He broke his arm this summer and now he is beating up older guys out there left handed. So whatever folks say/criticize about the course, that is their opinion, but that little course is turning on so many folks to disc golf and it is always getting used.   

Bring someone out to Yates that has never played before.  Introduce new players on a course where they can have some success.  Yates is 15 minutes from east of downtown.  Please remember that alcohol is illegal on school property in Missouri. 

Its a great course John, don't fool yourself.  Just because it plays under 5,000' doesn't mean that the course isn't good. 

Getting the 8th grader started, thats how it starts.  By the time I was 14 I was playing daily myself......probably better and with a lot less discs than I do now!

That 5k figure was the dollar amount, Jack, not the distances. (Although it may be close to that anyway...)

They had our neighborhood trash dump-off at Yates this weekend, there was a long line, so I just parked and played disc golf. ;D

well aware of both.


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