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3 of us played Legacy yesterday and lost 3 disc between us! The (US Open width) fairway grass was cut about to our ankles and the rough was above our knees. Legacy maintains hundreds of acres of grass and could do a MUCH BETTER job on this course! I did ace #16 so I'm glad I stayed but we wont be back until winter. Bring extra disc if you choose to play here.

legacy is about being accurate.  play with a spotter if you're having trouble losing discs.

it's definitely a difficult course if you're spraying throws all over.

i have had ongoing communications with the city about this, and i hope they're listening.  this course was supposed to be designed for the recreational player in mind, and it definitely doesn't play like that.


One of the items that should be addressed, and I can help is that this course is going to be one of a few courses open to play during the worlds.  We would hope that they would want to have the course almost looking the best it ever has as the foot traffic is going to be directed to Legacy for people to play on.

I can't blame them for not constantly tweaking the course with a golfer's mentality but the land is so rough my family and I don't even use it.  I've hiked mountain trails that were more family friendly. 

I'm sure they'll eventually spend more time on the course but i've sent the parks and rec a letter pleading with them to not only mow more area but to give the golf course as much attention to detail as they do all the other parks in Lees Summit and I encourage any other Lees Summit resident to do the same.  You can even contact them via their website, http://cityofls.net/Parks/Submenu/Contact-Us.aspx

Great post Will! 

The more people that react to the note and take action, the more probable it is that action will happen.

The squeaky wheel gets the oil folks!


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