Author Topic: Disc atop of the Western Auto building??? Anybody know anything about this??  (Read 857 times)

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Pete Engleman has a great story for you folks...have him tell ya but basically a roofing company guy called and said he found Pete's #4 Wraith (PINK) atop of the Western Auto building..i think he said the tall main one in the complex. 

Anybody know who threw it and from where? 


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It was a warm April morn when we approached Rosedale but the breeze from the south began to pick up as the round went on. When we made the turn the gusts must have climbed into the low 20's. When Pete stepped to the 18th tee the gusts were 30mhp sustained. He decided to play it out over the road with the pin in the short position and the side of the hill recently cleared, it was a high probability shot. He gripped the pink Wraith and ripped the living hell out of it.

However, at the same time Katie Horner was busy interupting Sponge Bob and some other children's blather. As she went on and on about the wind gusts picking up further around noon she took her eye off the super, enhanced, color, dual, high frequency doplar. At that moment, while she looked away, and Pete let 'er rip a huge 70mph gust grabbed that pink Wraith and we never saw it again.
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Pete's plastic is everywhere in this town...