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April 26 results
« on: April 26, 2016, 09:22:42 pm »

10 out on a dark and not quite but soon to be stormy night

Thanks to those brave souls that came and kept me company. I had a great time playing with Bill Hecht and Perry Martin. We finished before there was any inclement weather. Some far off lightning, but nothing close.

The last two cards finished quite a bit later--about 15 minutes for one card and 30 minutes--and they finished with some lightning and rain. This might be generous. It might be closer to 20 minutes for the first card and 45 minutes to the second card.

Of note, if you ever feel threatened by weather, please do not finish your round. Safety always comes first. Even though this is a PDGA league, it won't hurt your ratings. I can always give a person a 999, which has no penalty. We can work something out. I saw a window that I thought we could get the round in, but it was a pretty small window.



Ben Lutz 54 $10
Peter Bures 55 $1 (owe)
Travis Corporon $1
Daniel Stracke 60


Michael Krueger 52 $9 (yeah, yeah. move up. I know.)
Perry Martin 53
Bill Hecht 56


Josh Gaddis 65 $5 KCKash
Matt Bauer 66 $3 KCKash


Liz Borg-Bowman 66 $5 KCKash
Mike Krueger
KCDFC #1692
PDGA #67309
SMP League Director