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6.28 league set up
« on: June 23, 2016, 01:57:28 pm »
The baskets will moved tonight or tomorrow.  Depends on a few things.  Probably tomorrow though.

19 holes.  Par 59 i think.  The tall grass is NOT OB this week.  Normal course OBs apply.  Creek, paths and over, roads and over, parking lots and over.

MEET in parking ot AT HOLE 7. 

From there:

7.  Middle
7A.  Cross north of the street and play temp pad near shelter from path to island in pond, or between ponds, where temp basket is set up.   Depends on park traffic.
7B.  Play from temp pad back up hill towards street to temp basket.
8.  SKIP
9.  Long
10. Middle
11. Middle
12. Long
13. Short right double mando
14. Long
15. Short
16. Long
17. Long
18. Short
1. Middle creek OB, will be flagged with string
2. Long
3. Short
4. Long
5. Short island with dz
6. Long
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