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3/31/15 SMP League
« on: March 30, 2015, 06:42:50 am »
Also posted to the Summer League page:

League sign up by 5:15, tee off at 5:30.  Ace fund is at $566 (I believe that's what Peter posted at the end of last year). 

For new league players:  It takes three people to make a division.  Generally speaking, there will be Open, Advance Ams (AM1), Intermediate Ams (AM2) and Am women.  Open pays cash, and all amateur divisions pay KC Kash (redeemable at either DD or DGW).  If there are three or more that would like to play another division, such as Master's/Advanced Master's, that's great.  You can declare whatever division you'd like to play, but if there aren't three or more to make a division, then the divisions will collapse to where you can fit.  Of course, men cannot play in a women's division, and young guys can't play in a division with us old guys, etc.

$4.00 KCFDC Members
$5.00 Non-KCFDC Members
$1.00 Ace fund

Course map:

Peter Bures (SMP Course Coordinator and SMP League Director for the last several years) has the pins set up in the original course configuration.  We will use the original OB lines that are on the course map (above).  A brief description:  all roads/parking lots and over are OB, the sidewalk/trail that goes between holes 4 through 8 and over is OB, and the sidewalk behind the basket on hole 6 and over is OB.  Also, the creek on hole 2 and over is OB.

1. Middle
2. Middle
3. Long
4. Short
5. Short
6. Short
7. Middle
8. Short
9. Short
10. Middle
11. Middle
12. Long
13. Middle Right
14. Long
15. Short
16. Long
17. Middle
18. Short
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