Author Topic: Course Update - 7/22/09  (Read 1543 times)

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Course Update - 7/22/09
« on: July 22, 2009, 07:52:47 PM »
I met with a gentleman from the city this evening and we walked the course together.  I shared some of the concerns we have concerning the mowing and the proliferation of ticks and other various nasties.

He was very receptive to my input, as he has seen many people losing discs first hand from his office window at the parks building.

Many holes will stay the same, some of the longer holes will have widened fairways.  They will not be drastically wider, but they will be widened a bit.

We will also be moving some pins around, namely the short pins on holes 3 and 7.  We will also possibly be placing a new tee pad on #7 that will remove the "blind shot" aspect from that hole.  There will be a new short pin for this hole as well, as our new tee location would make the short pin about a 100 foot shot.  #3's short pin will also be moved to address some confusion/safety issues that could arise with people playing 3 and 4.

Many of the basket areas will also be extended.

BUT, on a less critical note, as I walked the course I realized that the fairways now are DRASTICALLY wider than they were when we started this process.  We're getting there people!

This is sure to be a tough course, but it's looking pretty darn good right now.  The city is on a 3 week mowing schedule and the city guy said that those periods could be shortened accordingly during heavy rain.

Give it a shot people; I played the front 9 today with the city guy walking along, and it was playing nicely.


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Re: Course Update - 7/22/09
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2009, 07:49:21 PM »
I played this afternoon and it was a better experience than I have had in the past. 

The grass was mowed earlier in the week and that helped quite a bit.  There were some wider fairways that really helped and they cleared out some brush from some of the tree groupings that were next to the baskets(notably on 2 and 7).

They could easily mow some of the fairways wider and would make this a MUCH better course, but I understand this takes time. 

Palmer, keep up the good work.  It sounds like the parks department is open to ideas - we appreciate it

Anthony "Tony" Brunsberg