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Just saw Swope on TV!

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I was watching some true crime show on A&E tonight.  There was a feature called "The Swope Park Killing".

Mike Penney:
I've played Swope many times, and have never ran across any dead bodies of any kind. Not even a small animal. I think the only problem that currently exists are packs of dogs. Which I haven't even really seen near the course. Swope Park I believe is the second largest city park ( second to Central Park), the golf course only takes a fraction of the land that is there. Where it is located there is a Parks & Rec building next to it that provides a level of security. I wouldn't by any means be scared off by a t.v. show that dosn't even truly reflect the beauty of this course. Of course there is the odds of running into a bad element, but that can happen anywhere.

I only metioned it because it's such a famous course in the area.  I don't think the guy was even shot in the park.  It's just where they dumped him off.

Disc Golfers discovered a body at Swope a few years back looking for an errant shot.  The Rap on Swope is not well deserved, but yes please take precautions at all parks while playing.  Common sense says that humans are very strange!

one of my goals for the course this year is zero dead bodies, especially on the front nine.
my brothers and I have been playing the course since 81, even when the course was pulled for a while and the worst thing that has ever happened was a 4th of july drunk who came to appreciate just how cool disc golf was. come to think of it, the goober who now wheelies his motorcycle up and down elmwood is worse than the old drunk.
stuff happens. jack's right, pay attention and all will be well. more golf traffic means more witnesses.


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