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Theiss, How did the anchor sleeve installation go last week?  I have not noticed this design on other courses, but the concept seems to have much practicality, as long as they are protected from the mowing crew.

Regarding the status on the baskets, has there been a decision on the type of basket, and is there a date for the baskets to hit the ground?  This is a work day that I am looking forward to...   ;D

Planning on heading to the course sometime this week to check out the bridge by 16 and 17.  If they did as good of a job on the bridge, as they did on the footings, I'm sure it does look first class!

john theiss:
All anchor sleeves have been installed.  I have not seen this before on a course, but it is a nice concept. 

I was out there last Tuesday afternoon and they had a crew out there working. The bridge between 16/17 looks fantastic.   I would imagine that the second bridge would be finished by mid week. They are also building some smaller walking bridges and the forms were set and poured last week.   All the dirt work around the pads has been finished and been seeded.  The tractor should be in this week dropping seed throughout the course.

The baskets are Mach V's powder coated with Orange Blaze.  They are going to pop in the woods like DU's baskets.  They were in the shop when i was there last week and have not been assembled yet.  It is Roscoe's goal getting the course open by the Fall so we will see. 

I had a job over by the HS so I thought I'd see where the course was going.  Found it and it looks like it's going to be awesome.  It looked like tee pads were already in place.  Looks like it may be a mix of Yates and DU, am I right in that thinking?

Doing a great job, I'll try and be there whenever the next workday is.


john theiss:
Tee pads were in months ago.  Most of the time you want to wait awhile on a new course and see how the course plays before you starting pouring pads.  However, Young park is land locked so not as many options.  You know that a whole has to be here or there and the same goes with the tees.  They are some of the nicer tees  in KC.  They are 15x 5 (3 feet longer than some others courses)and there are two tee pads on 17 holes.  The short ones are very short but that is great for families,beginners and casuals. 


Walked every hole out there today and this is going to be a one of a kind course in KC. Everything looks great out there. Pads are huge, bridges are really nice. The second lake or drainage retention looks really good as well.

I cant wait till it's finally open.

Keep up the good work John. Also let me know if your going to have another work day soon.



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