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Dan Weinert:
Remember, we will all be subject to the Park's Pay to Park concept.

$5 per day or $40 per year. ($30 if you are a clay County resident)

1 person in the car or 99...$5.

Now that being said, remember, I plan to have a big ol stack of yearly passes and you get them by logging a few volunteer hours.

Before anybody starts slamming the idea...that's how this park get mowed on a much better schedule then any park in our system. (I think)

I would gladly make that trade...any day!!!


Kevin Montgomery:
Lots of parks do that. Clinton Lake in Lawrence is like that. A private course would charge at least that much to play for the day, probably more like $5 a head instead of a car load. I don't see it being a problem at all.

sounds like a good system. let us know as soon as the volunteering can begin. I'd love to come and be a part of getting this course up and running :)

Dan Weinert:

--- Quote ---Remember, we will all be subject to the Park's Pay to Park concept.

$5 per day or $20 per year.
--- End quote ---


$5 per day or $40 per year.

I went from being minorly concerned to majorly concerned about this.

I will address this with them ASAP!

We got to have some system in place to take care of the following situations-

1. Tourneys
2. Volunteers

As much work as we are putting into this, I would hate to have this be an issue for everyone.

Stay tuned guys...more info to come as soon as it is available!

I'm sure they can work something out. I believe the pay-to-park courses in Michigan are $3/car for disc golfers, and they give them a bracelet to wear while on the course. Perhaps Smithville can adopt a similar system.


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