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Dan Weinert:
Meet with the park people today and recieved some good news- They are offering 3 chunks of land that fit our criteria as possible locations for the big boy course...decisions, decisions, decisions!

I brought up the idea that any designers from the club want might want to take a stab at designing the could look at the photos of the land when they are available, visit the land with me as your tour guide, then submit design proposals based on that. They liked the concept and understand that we must use a designer and not try to go at this alone.

The winning designer would be compensated and would work with me and the Clay Co Park people in bringing this course into fruition.
Some of the land I wanted is in crop lease until 2011 and 2012 but they think they can do some trading with the farmers...take this 40 acres here and give them another 40 somewhere else.

Interested parties should PM me and we will set up a time to meet at the land, go over the photos and turn you loose on your proposals.

Timelime for your initial proposal would need to be close to Dec 15th to Dec 31, 2009 as possible. I need to have things semi-finalized for our proposal to the Park Board sometime in early January.

Disc Golf in Smithville...It's Gonna Happen Folks!!!

Dan Weinert:
So you're sitting there going am I pretty enough...do people like me?

How ever could a person like me ever design a disc golf course...

The answer is simple...

It's an easy process sir...here are the 3 steps I would recommend-

1. Have the ability to play nice with others.

2. Look and fully understand the maps and provided materials when available. Would help if you or any applicant, had a complete understanding of current design standards, saftey standards, land utilizing concepts, insurance risks and policies, etc...

3. Be willing and prepared to "shock & awe" the disc golf world as we know it.

What could be any more easy or more fun sir?

PS- No one is going to retire from this but you again...shall be compensated.
     Terms of that to become avalable once they become available.

Dan Weinert:

--- Quote ---They are offering 3 chunks of land that fit our criteria...
--- End quote ---

CORRECTION- They are offering 4 chucks of land that fit our criteria.

They have even mentioned that maybe, one day, we could have multiple courses at Smithville...each with their own uniqueness and personality.

How freakin' cool would that be?

Dan  :o :o :o

Not that  I would have any conception on laying out courses, but;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
I have been playing 30 years and have presention design skills.


Dan Weinert:
I just got 4 maps from the park guys...I need to look at them first so I can understand and expain them to you all.

Once done and I do my thing to them, I will post each map as a hyperlink here along with comments, gps coordinates and any other notes as needed.

Stay tuned gents...

Disc Golf in Smithville...It's Gonna Happen!!!

Dan  8)


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