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Smithville Disc Golf Design Guidelines (12/2009)
« on: December 19, 2009, 04:42:37 PM »
Smithville Disc Golf Design Guidelines (as a Word doc

The following information check list is for all persons wanting to submit a course design for the proposed Smithville Course- (gps to Little Platte Park entry- Lat-  39°25'8.92"N, Long-  94°33'18.52"W )

Things to keep in mind-

1.   Fully understand and utilize the PDGA_CourseDesignGuides2009.pdf file located here. (

2.   Fully understand and utilize the PDGA_AcreageChart.pdf file located here. (

3.   Fully understand and utilize the PDGA_ParGuidelines.pdf located here. (

4.   Fully understand and utilize the PDGA_SkillGuides2009.pdf located here. (

5.   Re-read and fully understand the entire post in this Forum- A Checklist For Good Course Design (

6.   Design course to be safe for both players and non-players who may pass near or through the course.

7.   Design course with the potential for multiple configurations to serve not only beginners but players with advanced skills; consistent with the budget and design needs.

8.   Design a well balanced course with a wide range of hole lengths and a good mixture of holes requiring controlled left, right and straight throws.

9.   Utilize elevation changes and available foliage as well as possible. Take care to minimize potential damage to foliage and reduce the chances for erosion.

10.   Are you planning for multiple t-box locations? If so, can they be added later? (if budget allows)

11.   Are you planning for multiple pin locations? Does your design include them from the start?

12.   Have you remembered a Practice Basket? Is it by the Parking Area?

13.   Speaking of parking, have you designed your course with the available parking lots in mind? Is there a chance of the cars being hit with the worst possible throw imaginable?

14.   Have you kept bathroom locations in mind?

15.   If you have shots over the water, did you plan or leave room for a safe route?

Things to do-

16.   Walk through with Dan Weinert and/or read list of specific course guidelines published later on this forum. (Areas to avoid, picnic benches that can or cannot be moved, proposed paved paths, sacred grounds, neighborhoods, ball golf course, wet lands, shelter houses, play grounds, ditches, etc.) (I need one more meeting with the Clay County Park personnel to wrap this up)

17.   Using the basic acreage amount of 85 acres, design a course (or courses) best utilizing the available land. (Two, three or four courses, each with a higher degree of difficulty, phased in if needed) Which course comes first?

18.   Fill out the Design form for each course you are proposing. Be as complete as possible for all the info requested on this form. (SmithvilleDiscGolf_CourseDesign_Worksheet.xls) located here. (

19.   Photo document your entire layout. (T-pad view, basket view and any interesting obstacles along the way) (Power Point presentations would be a nice, professional touch here)

20.   Prepare overhead map, to scale for each course you are proposing.

21.   If chosen, help with the layout & design of course maps and score cards.

22.   Working with Dan Weinert, gps your entire course, from start to finish.

23.   Be prepared to answer these questions-

     a.   Have I utilized this land to its fullest?
     b.   Will people want to come play here?
     c.   If so, what type of player? (Newbie, Advanced, Pros, etc)
     d.   What will players remember most after playing here?
     e.   Is there ANYTHING negative about your design? If so, what?

24.   Be prepared to discuss/defend your decisions about your designs.

25.   What are you expecting for compensation for your services designing this course?

26.   DEADLINE- FEBRUARY 1, 2010

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