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Dan Weinert:
So let's say the money is not there to build the Complex all in the same year**, and we are thinking of 3 seperate courses, from Pro to Beginner, which course gets put in first and more importantly- WHY!

Please back up your answer with a reason...defend your position!

**I don't know this for a fact yet...just trying to stay a step ahead of the game!

I say the intermediate first...that way beginners have a course that is not so tough that it is going to drive them away from playing, but the course would be tough enough for the more experienced players to be challenged.  Also, you want it to be bring in players from all over the area, but if it is too easy. more advanced players will get bored with it and stop coming once the newness wears off, and head back south to more challenging courses.  As well, if it is too tough, rec and beginners wont want to drive the distance from south of the river to play.

I am always up for a challenge...so I would love a tough course, but start with the intermediate...I think it will draw your biggest crowds and thus it will put a taste in the mouth for everyone to keep coming back, especially knowing that a course more suited to thier level of play is coming soon.  I know that driving from Raytown (where I live) to Smithville is a long drive and with the economy as it is, I dont want to drive all that way just to play an easy course, but I dont want to get discouraged by having bad scores with the pro course, and not keep coming back when I could play closer courses.

This coming from a intermediate rec player.

Anthony Puryear:
I agree with Bronco, but to be honest i'm not sure I like the idea of there being a Beginner, Intermediate, and Pro. I would rather have 3 DIFFERENT courses that all offer there own unique challenges. Its fine if one is a Short course, but I think it should be a course that can still be fun for all levels to play. Take Swope for instance. I would consider it probably one of the most newbie friendly courses of our KC courses (excluding the school courses), but it still has plenty to offer any level player. I would hate to have a complex of 3 courses and only enjoy playing 1 or 2 of them. Just my 2 cents.

Point well take Anthony...and I agree.  I guess I was going on the assumption that those were what our neighbors to the north were actually planning on putting in.  I know that things are still in the planning stages and could change...just a bad assumption on my part.  I too would love to have 3 distinct courses that would challenge me each time I go, and not just enjoy the 1 or 2 harder courses and never play the easier one...though I am sure I would play it at least once.  ;D

Dan Weinert:
Let me get on top of this before too much more voting goes on-

EASY- Par 54 to 56

INTERMIDIATE- Par 57 to 60

PRO- Par 62 to 65

Don't let the word EASY fool you...EASY it will not be.

All the course prelims I have seen, walked out, thrown or otherwise just know about will be very challenging, balanced, fun and the views are simply gonna blow you away.

Every course idea is utilizing the open areas, trees, terrain changes and water to the fullest.

Every course will have a nice mix of all needed/wanted elements.

I know I may be biased here but all 3 courses will be like something you have seen before and nothing you have ever seen!


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