Author Topic: Stiles is the man!  (Read 1048 times)

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Stiles is the man!
« on: February 17, 2010, 08:59:32 AM »
Those that play Swope often already know that Stiles is the man.   Mark Stiles picked up some nasty stuff at Swope over the weekend.  Besides the normal beer bottles, trash, condoms, Mark picked up a fricking dead cat. 

Good work Mark.  You are the man.   


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Re: Stiles is the man!
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2010, 09:05:11 AM »
Mark picked up a fricking dead cat.

Sweet! Free BBQ!


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Re: Stiles is the man!
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2010, 03:29:31 PM »
I refrain from putting down in the forums what I have removed over the course of time........some people would be downright disgusted, and never walk the land.  I have more than once thrown up while doing trash duty....

Stiles though, you are truly a great man!  We really have great people to do great things in our parks every day that they are in it.  Be a part of what makes our sport great.  We make a difference in the lives of everyone by paying attention to what we love.  Treat our parks with respect, and try to educate, if not at least inform the general masses that individually we make a small difference, but collectively we are an impact machine!

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Re: Stiles is the man!
« Reply #3 on: February 17, 2010, 11:24:58 PM »
Mark let the cat be mine (see deadcat blues pic). Good thing it was frozen although it did have a glint in its eye.
Last year was dessicated dead dog blues, raccoon with distemper, 2 burnt cars, rock crashing alkies, wild man full of gibberish at a tournament (nonplayer, although sometimes hard to tell the difference), crack dealers on 4 wheelers, shaggin wagons, trash and brush dumpers, wild dogs,  really crappy restrooms, 2 acres of salt burned grass, and the occassional disc golfer that did not understand I was there for the betterment of the sport and their welfare. Note to self: stop dressing up as the mounted police.
Mr Stiles has always been there, and hopefully always will. Thanks Mark.
 Barring all that, all in all, Swope is still the most civilized place to play.

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